How To Build Power And Hit More Line Drives


It’s been said that, “You can eat tomato soup with a fork, knife, or spoon. But only one tool is most effective.” Teaching hitters is the same. While there are hundreds of ways to teach hitting, there’s one more effective way. What is that? By applying human movement principles validated by REAL Science to hitting a ball. It’s like eating tomato soup with a spoon!

This is where Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Babe Ruth. Take the following Biblical story as an example, everyone agrees that Goliath should have crushed David. But what people don’t see was that David was an expert marksman with a slingshot. David never had to go toe-toe with Goliath. Why would he? David was outmatched in strength and size. But what David had on Goliath was a better technical skill that outmatched the giant’s size and strength. And that’s what the Hitting Performance Lab is all about!

Visit Hitting Performance Lab today to learn how you can become a better hitter!

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